Façade Rebates

Allowable costs may include, but are not limited to: window/door repair or replacement, storefront rehabilitation, cleaning or painting of exterior surfaces, repair or restoration of architectural detailing, awnings, signs, landscaping, building permits, architectural fees and other labor and materials used to rehabilitate the façade.

What are the Criteria for the Use of Facade Improvement Funds?

  • The business applicant must operate within Zone boundaries.
  • The applicant may apply for rebate dollars for projects improving and rehabilitating the exterior façade and landscaping.
  • The applicant must perform all work in compliance with applicable City codes and ordinances.
  • The applicant may select the contractor; however the City of Hammond must license the project.
  • The applicant must acquire a City of Hammond building permit for projects over $300.
  • The applicant must submit paid invoices and cancelled checks before receiving a rebate.
  • The applicant must supply before and after pictures of the improvements before the rebate is considered.

Priority Consideration will be given to:

  1. Commercial/Retail store fronts (includes expansion)
  2. Industrial/Office and Manufacturing (includes expansions)
  3. New Construction